Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ok Here's how Dragon's Heart is going to look

Ok I've moved on to laying down placables, the Image you see is the same one you saw in the last two updates. First I layed down the texturing, then layed down grass and placables.

You'll notice I had to keep the middle side of the placables to a minimum as I lay this down as I have to leave space for a very large Dragon to come through. This should give you an Idea of what the area will look like as a total package when it's finished. I will most likely have it done this weekend and then will move on to the Grove of Silk or Mouth of Song, one of the two. One is a shrine to Elistraee, the other is going to be the place they will send you to find another clue to the location of the mysterious Claw Hollow.


Jclef said...

Unbelievable, Phoenixus. That place looks like something straight out of an IE area. And you've made it about 10X cooler with that Black Dragon.

Artistically realistic and wonderfully aesthetic - I can't wait to see your next area!

Phoenixus said...

Thanks Jclef,
I wanted to add the Dragon for Scale, so that you can see just what it is I'm designing around. I will probably use a different texture and lighting combo for the next areas. I suspect thought that Mouth of Song may include some of the same Elements, but Grove of Silk (potentially may be called Grove of Fangs) will be a dark creepy kind of forest portion.

I also like putting this stuff out as a kind of status on where things and maybe in showing things as they are done others can pick up some ideas that may help them as well.

AmstradHero said...

That does look very beautiful indeed! The texture combinations and blending are top notch and the trees are icing on the cake. It certainly looks like it will provide that combination of beauty and urgency that you are trying to create!

mooncalf165 said...

Great looking area! ...btw, kudos on the (potential) dark end to the halfling companion at the beginning- very original!
All the best,

Phoenixus said...

Thanks guys,
I was a bit out of it this weekend so I didn't get back to things as well as I should have, but I do appreciate the comments.

Mooncalf, you're right I do plan that, but it's not with the halfling... but rather with Selmia, the cook from the Log Cabin Inn.

She has at the time the story takes place become a surprisingly powerful spirit shaman. All of this is related to Malcom, the one she asked you to find in Tragidor. That is the reason for the choice. She is hanging on a ledge, a slight nudge will send her over, but a welcome hand can bring her back in.

Indira Lightfoot said...

Phoenixus, there is but one word for this: 'excellence'! :)