Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finished Texturing Dragon's Heart...

Well I finished texturing Dragon's Heart last night, all that remains is foresting it. Technically that's going to be very easy to do though I have a bit of hinkiness with regards to that. Because the walkway paths have to be clear enough for a large object to move through I'll have to watch how I do things and make sure that I don't block the paths with things. I won't be showing a screenshot of the whole area until it's done... but I suspect that these little pictures I put up will, if you're pretty bright... be able to help you pick up the texturing techniques I use for blending textures while building. I'ts part of the reason I keep posting these unfinished pictures so you can see how it's built as it's built.

I already included a couple of secret things built into it, so it will reward the explorers and those who like to comb the map and see the little things most will miss.

I suspect the area, while beautiful will also impose a sense of danger, especially when the Dragon appears. You will also be able to walk on those middle hill areas and be able to scan down on the area below. I suspect I will hide things up there too.

This whole area will be a search for the clue hidden on the body of the Sky Pony tracker through a dangerous and deadly area where you won't be able to rest, thus heightening the sense of urgency. It will be one of those where people say, "Oh my god this is beautiful" but I can't stop to let my guard down or I'm going to die.


Frank Perez said...

I was going to say that this area looks absolutely stunning, but you're probably tired of hearing me say that by now. :P Instead, I'll focus on the dragon. Level 10 party versus level 19 dragon sounds like a whole lot of fun.

When George Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, he said, "Because it's there." Player characters will probably have the same motivation for wanting to kill the black dragon. :D

Indira Lightfoot said...

Very nice texturing technique you have there!

*Sneaks off and steal it shamelessly for use on a rainy day*


Thanks for posting this step-by-step screenies Phoenixus! :)

Phoenixus said...

Thanks for the comments,
Yeah that should be a challenge and a half. I suspect that even those who are up for the extreme challenge side will be hard pressed. While the flipped side is, you don't have to fight the Dragon and can avoid it if you want.

On a side note, I hope you do pick up some things Indira, I've been working on Infinity Style texturing for some time. I went back to replay BG2 and IWD just to begin mimicking the area creation. And from what I can tell of the comments it's succeeded very well.