Friday, April 25, 2008

Tale of the Asberdies... opens...

Well I've decided to break down and get myself one of these. I've been glancing at Dirtywick's and even Ladyelvenstar's for a while and have been meaning to do it, but never got around to it. Since no one knows about this currently I'm pretty much posting just to say I did. It's kind of a test.

My thoughts on Asberdies...

In reality this first part of Tale of the Asberdies is the hardest for me. I can make things like Tragedy in Tragidor with it's small town mentality and dungeons as well as charming and quint personalities any day of the week without even breaking a sweat. I can do outdoor areas and even make them look semi-professional these days... I can throw in plot twists without even breaking a sweat...

But my biggest weakness and the hardest thing for me to do is... a City Adventure. It's just not in me. While I've spent quite a bit of time in larger Cities I've never really truly felt them as well as I do the smaller towns. I think this is the major lag behind Tale of the Asberdies currently.

I jammed up in the middle of the plotline.

Basically here's the basics of where I made it to...

Step 1 is set.
1. Travel to Silverymoon while picking up Bjorn/Selmia/Merina
2. The caravan ambush
3. Arrival at Silverymoon and meeting with Trent
4. Head to Wilkers to find out about being hunted.
5. Captured
6. Escape from the Sewers
7. Battle with Ik'Zaelid and hints of Shar's Temple
8. Hunt for Shar's Temple
9. Battle for the Pool of Shar
10. Follow the clues to the Island in the Mists...

Now... I have already said this would take place here...

This is where it gets scrambled. I have to send the players to the Old city... and to the docks, and they have to find someone in order to get the information. I want that person to be a kind of telepath that will tell them the final steps to get to the Island of Mists. This person will exist in a kind of dream world.