Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Storm of Zehir

Working on Asberdies again after the new addition of the Overland Map to NWN2. This is a lot more intricate than I'd have suspected. Basically this kind of gives you an overview of the area Asberdies takes place in. While it's not even near complete I was asked about how far I was with regards to getting my hands dirty so to speak and this is the beginnings of what I've started with as an overland map.

The area is the area North of Silverymoon with the Moonwoods to the North and the Nether Mountains to the East. Obviously the trees you see in the middle are going to have the foliage cover you see in the Storm of Zehir expansion when going to the forests but you can at least get a good glimpse of the skeleton I have started with and the base texturing I'm laying down.

Here's a closer look at the base texturing...

This is supposed to be taking place in the autumn as you can see by some of my past posts on this, but I won't necessarily be able to do that on the overland map mostly because the placables Obsidian made for the overland map are summer time placables, so I'm going to have to pull off a half assed mix of summer/autumn type texuring.

This is the texturing around Silverymoon and I may still change it, but it's looking overall to be workable. We'll have to see though, it's just a start and I may change my mind.

So far though I think I like it.

Another part I'm very pleased with though...

One of the places I started with was the Nether Mountains since that's one of the locations you'd be going to is the Tomb of Dekan Thar. And I admit that's coming out really well. Silverymoon pass is looking very nice, as is the upper reaches of the Nether Mountains that you'll be going to.

This is the place you'll be going to in order to find another of the Asberdies stones. And you'll come up against Yetis and other assorted snow creatures, assuming I can find them. Thankfully there's now Wights in the game so I can do the Tomb of Dekan Thar properly.

Previously I thought I'd have to do some major cheating on it.

Well that should do it for an update.