Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not as much done as I'd hoped,

Granted I've been playing Mass Effect recently so it's cut into my time a little, but I did get a little more done. Admittedly Mass Effect is a really good game. It kinda reminds me of a combination of KoToR and a very old game about hopping planets and collecting ore while trying to solve the mystery of why the Suns in each system were going super nova. In the end you discover that the fuel you are using... these rocks, are actually a life form that moves at a time rate much slower than ours, so they appear to be normal rocks but are actually alive, and you've been using them as fuel to power the starships. Over the centuries they've come up with a way to stop the elimination of their race after finally discovering they are being killed off in a mass genocide. Cool game about exploration and mystery. Hard though. I can't remember the name of it but I know I played it again recently.

On To Dragon's Heart.

I've textured quite a bit now and only have the bottom half and the ledges left.

The Idea of the Height map was to form the shape of a heart shaped valley. As I get closer to completion I can see that it's achieving it's goal very well. You know what's funny about doing the Infinity Engine style texturing like this? It looks like crap from above, but the closer and closr you get, until you are at the player's level... suddenly it looks spectacular.

This is what that top portion of the map looks like as far as texturing without any placables or grass or anything. This is just what it looks like painting it down.

So it's kinda funny... the worse it looks from the top... the better it looks from the ground. I suspect once I add placables and grass it will be very stunning once I've gotten it all put togather.

But I meant to give a status report for Tuesday and now I have...


Amraphael said...

I believe I've said it before. Wow, your area design is so BG1. I'm really looking forward to see it in-game with my own eyes!

Phoenixus said...

Interestingly enough when I texture this I am listening to "Exploring the Plains" from BG1. I recently downloaded the C3 Music Pack that Dragonsbane777 made. So I will probably use part of that music hack in the module.

It really gets me in the mood and achieves the mood I was going for.

Grunthex said...

Fascinating to see how these things all come together -- read the whole thing, had to comment on this one. The game you couldn't put your finger on was Starflight.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing this in a finished form